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  Quality Control  
    YuFo Components has strict quality control to all its outgoing products. We promise: should the products we provided has any quality problem or unconformities to your purchase order, we will replace the parts or refund you.
              Vendor Managed Programs
         At Yufo, quality assurance begins with our commitment to source quality products from electronics suppliers around the world.
         Trusted & Verified
         Through our vendor managed program, we carefully research and prequalify our vendors  to ensure product is procured from safe and reputable sources. In addition, we thoroughly prescreen all prospective vendors based on a rigorous set of product quality, dependability, and service standards.
         Once a supplier is added to the Yufo “approved vendor list,” we continually monitor and grade each supplier based upon a set criteria, including product quality history, performance and service fulfillment – identifying any potential problems or concerns well in advance, before product ever reaches our customers.
Rigorous Quality Inspection Process     
         Level 1: Visual Inspection
         Visual inspection and authenticity verification is conducted on all incoming materials by Yufo inspectors. Visual inspection review includes:
         1Manufacturer P/N, quantity, and date code verification
         2Body marking inspection (faded marking, broken text, double print, ink stamps, etc.)
         3Physical conditions inspection (lead bend, scratches, chipped edges, etc.)
         4Taping condition inspection (dented packet, missing parts, etc.)
         5Verify moisture barrier protection verification (vacuum sealed, humidity indicator with specification)
         6Original factory sealed components vs. non-factory seal
         7Any visual irregularities
         Level 2: Engineering Review
         Materials identified as questionable during the visual inspection process are reevaluated by Yufo staff engineers.  Product sampling plans are also employed to ensure product consistency. Engineering review includes:
         Review of level 1 findings
         1Counterfeit databases referenced and updated
         2Label verification (bar code and label review)
         3Manufacturer logo and date log verification
         4ERAI counterfeit alert program
         Level 3: Testing
         Product testing is completed to ensure that any questionable materials meet manufacturers" specifications. Product samples are also periodically tested to ensure product consistency and testing. Testing includes:
         1Decapsulation test
         2Solderability test
         3Surface contamination analysis
Electronic Components Distribution - Testing
         To ensure the broadest, deepest and most dependable network of quality electronic components, Yufo has developed a global network of third-party testing laboratories to provide expert product testing during quality assurance evaluations.
         Testing of products is completed by certified partner laboratories that work to ensure that materials identified as questionable meet manufacturers’ specifications and requirements. This global network provides Yufo access to technical know-how and state-of-the-art technology, adding these core competencies to our distribution service offerings.
         In addition, electronic component product samples are randomly selected and tested periodically to ensure product consistency and vendor quality and confirm internal quality controls.
         Testing conducted includes:
        X-ray examination
        Contamination analysis
        DC & AC functionality
        Calibration and capacitance measurement


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