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Allied Wire & Cable Adds Industry Vet Bjorkman to New Vegas Team

From:admin     Time:2011-4-26 13:46:30

COLLEGEVILLE, PA - March, 2011 – Allied Wire & Cable’s Las Vegas, NV facility is the new home of Sales Manager Skip Bjorkman, a wire and cable industry veteran with over thirty years of experience.

Allied Wire & Cable is pleased to announce that Skip Bjorkman will be the sales manager for its new Las Vegas facility, which opened in November. Bjorkman has been in the wire and cable industry for over thirty years and has an impressive resume to show for it. He has experience with industry leaders from Anixter to Priority Wire and Cable, for whom he opened branches in Duluth, MN and Las Vegas, NV, respectively.

Most of his family has been working in the industry since the early seventies, and Bjorkman is enthusiastic about continuing the tradition with Allied. Bjorkman said, “I am happy and excited to finish out my career with a great family owned company like Allied Wire & Cable.”

Allied is proud to add Bjorkman to its team of industry professionals and is eager to incorporate someone with such extensive experience and knowledge into its newest location in Las Vegas. With such a strong team at the forefront of its most recent venture, Allied looks forward to achieving the same growth in Vegas as it has with its many other locations across the United States.


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